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Injection molding simulation with Autodesk Fusion 360

6. August - 8. August


Online training

Injection molding simulation with Autodesk Fusion 360

€ 885,00

Nine hours in total (3 x 3h, online)

06. + 07. + 08.08.2024
each 13.30-16.30


Training content

The training “Injection Molding Simulation with Autodesk Fusion 360”, based on the renowned Moldflow technology, offers a detailed introduction to the simulation of injection molding processes. This course provides participants with in-depth knowledge of how simulation techniques work and how to use them to improve the quality and efficiency of their plastic designs. The training focuses on the following core topics:

  • Analysis of filling behavior: Participants learn how to simulate the filling behavior of plastics in order to identify material behavior, flow paths and potential manufacturing problems.
  • Optimization of process parameters: Explore how various process parameters can be optimized to increase product quality.
  • Prediction and avoidance of design errors: Gain insights into how simulations can help to identify potential errors in depth and take appropriate steps for optimization.

This hands-on training is ideal for engineers and technicians who want to expand their skills in the development of plastic products and effectively master specific challenges in the injection molding process.

Prerequisite knowledge:

Basic knowledge of plastics technology and the injection molding process contributes to a better understanding of the entire process.

Prerequisite technology:

Installation of Fusion 360 with “Simulation” extension. You can try Fusion and the extensions free of charge for 30 days or subscribe for a monthly fee.

Target group:

Specialists from the fields of …

  • Construction
  • Development
  • Simulation
  • Quality assurance


  • Setting up a simulation study
  • Selection of materials from the Moldflow database
  • Definition of injection positions and basic process parameters
  • Performing the analysis
  • Interpretation of results, error detection and optimization steps
  • Develop your own model on your own initiative (if there is still time…)

On request: implementation in a closed group with customer-specific requirements possible!


6. August
8. August