Holistic approach and maximum exploitation of optimization potential

A holistic view of a product is no simple matter. But it's worth it if you can spare some time.

In the beginning, questions like: What responsibility do I have for my product? What CO2 footprint will it leave behind? What concepts can we develop for a sensible new development based on resource-conserving approaches?


1. efficiency

Efficiency in sustainability aims to make optimum use of resources and minimize energy consumption without compromising quality or performance.

This approach promotes the development of processes and products that require less material and energy. In plastics technology, this means using advanced manufacturing processes that reduce the amount of materials used, as well as using materials that are more recyclable or have a lower environmental impact. RICONE supports customers in implementing more efficient production processes that optimize the use of materials and increase energy efficiency without compromising on product quality.

2. sufficiency

Sufficiency calls for a rethink in the use and production of goods. The aim is to question actual needs and avoid excessive consumption.

In the plastics industry, this means researching alternative materials and production methods that reduce or completely eliminate the need for plastic. RICONE promotes the use of bioplastics and recyclates through consulting and development. We help our customers to design products that are more durable and whose life cycle is extended through reuse or recycling in order to reduce dependence on new, petro-based plastics.

3. consistency

Consistency in sustainability means protecting ecosystems by using environmentally friendly materials and processes.

This approach supports the creation of products that are in harmony with nature and its cycles. The focus here is on bioplastics made from renewable raw materials and the promotion of recycling to conserve natural resources. RICONE relies on innovative technologies to minimize environmental impact while maintaining or even improving product performance. We support our customers in the development of sustainable, circular products that contribute to environmental protection.




Shaping innovation and technological advances to support long-term sustainability goals for the environment and society